Basic Navigation for the Beginner

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Elbert Robberson/Coastal Piloting Primer.

by Elbert Robberson

"Navigation? Who needs it! I've just got a small boat, and I'm just going to splash around the bay. I'll be in sight of land the whole time." Then a squall makes up, or fog drops a curtain all around. Sure, you know where land is--but exactly which directions should you steer to get there? And how about those rocks along the shore? . . . .Anyone operating a boat, no matter what its size, needs to know some navigation--must be able to determine position and plto the course and time toa  desitnation. Fortunately, anyone can do this. With or without the help of a nautical almanac or a sextant, fog or no fog. Here--minus the trapping of astronomy, azimuths and hyperbolic functions--is all thenavigation you need to know.

20 pages

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