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by Gerald Taylor White

LOA 17' 4", BEAM 4', 91/2" DRAUGHT 61/2", SAIL AREA 100 SQ. FT..

Want speed under sail? Here is your answer, for "Restless" was designed with just that requirement in mind. Her shallow V-bottom, short overhangs, and tall inboard rig are all earmarks of a fastsailing racer. The object of the double cockpit is twofold: first to provide strong cross bracing to take the strain when she is sailing with the crew hiked out to windward, and second to keep the helmsman and sheet tender from getting in each other’s way. As all sheets belay on the deck between the cockpits, it is possible to sail the boat singlehanded without getting a tangle of lines in the cockpit. If you are wise, you’ll put that deck in just as it is shown. When you aren’t racing and want to carry some extra passengers, there is still room for them—-in fact, the deck itself makes an excellent seat for those who don’t mind ducking at the order, “Ready about!”

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