Power Your Boat With a Converted Model A Engine

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by Orville G. Bolstad, Consulting Engineer

(Or use the same principles to convert a modern overhead valve engine).

In looking around for an auto engine to convert for marine use in the 16 ft. runabout I was building, I pictured in my mind a rugged, reliable 4 cylinder motor of about 50 hp. Immediately it reminded me of the time, 15 years ago, when I had used a Ford Model "A" motor in a propeller-driven sled over the snowbound roads of North Dakota. Remembering how well this motor had served me, with the sled loaded down with cargo and the motor turning hour after hour at 2400 rpm, I decided to use a Model "A". And the plan worked. It doesn’t pay to turn the motor any faster than this, as 2400 rpm is about the peak of the power curve.

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