When the Auto Engine Goes to Sea

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by Hank Holcomb

Save several hundred dollars by doing your own engine conversion.

Not so very long ago, if you had suggested to an inboard motor dealer the iden of converting an automobile engine to marine use, he would probably have raised his eyebrows, patted you on the shoulder condescendingly and said, “Well, Mr. Smith, automobile engines are fine in automobiles, but wouldn’t you rather have a regular marine engine in your boat, something that was designed specifically for a boat?” Nowadays, however, the motor dealer is not so quick to sneer at the marine conversion. He knows that in the last two or three years the boating public has grown considerably wiser regarding such thingss. Many boaters are aware that, in fact, nearly all so-called marine engines of less than 400 hp. are simply converted automobile, truck and industrial engines no matter what you call them. He has learned that manufacturers of regular marine engines buy them and convert them in their factories, in much the same manner as we are going to show you, and then sell them under their corporate name or catchier trade names as marine engines.

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