Installing Steerers and Controls

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by Bob Whittier

One of the projects most often undertaken by boaters is the installation of motor controls for the remote operation of steering, throttle and gearshift. Many large outboard motors are sold with tailored-to-fit throttle and shift control assemblies, while accessory firms offer a wide selectioa of steerers and motor controls which are adaptable to most makes of motors thanks to a selection of terminal fittings and attachments. At reasonable cost, and in a day or two of work it is possible to rig your own system in dependable and smooth-acting fashion. Remote controls add much to the pleasure, convenience and safety of outboard boating by putting the driver forward in the boat wbere over-the~bow visibility is best, and by affording firmer, more sensitive control of sttering. Although fine how-to-do-it instructions accompany these products, there is much background knowledge not in them which anyone would find helpful .

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