Silent Fishing Partner

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by Harold P. Strand

An electrically-powered outboard that you can build yourself that fills the bill for children's boats, trolling, and canvas fold-boats,

Fisherman, father, or small boat fan, you’ll find plenty of use for an electric outboard. Designed especially for fishermen who take their trolling seriously, it will also get you on many of the new reservoirs where fishing is prime, but gasoline motors are prohibited. Light weight and silent operation make the electric a partner for kayak-type folding craft and the easiest rig for kids to use while learning their outboard seamanship. The basic design calls for a 6-volt automotive-type generator adapted by resistance controls to be powered by a 12-volt, 66-plate battery. Heavier-duty batteries will, of course, provide longer running times before recharging is necessary. The photograph shows the finished trolling motor mounted on transom alongside a larger outboard; electric is always ready for trolling use. Tested in this way with a 600-lb. gross load, six hours of trollingwere obtained from a single battery charge with continuous speeds of 3-4 mph.

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