How to "Glass" a boat

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by George Emory

All you need to know about fabrics, resins and application techniques to turn out a perfect job.

A new fabric-resin skin will not only strengthen your wood hull and improve its appearance, but also cut your seasonal maintenance to a mere sponge-and-water rinse. Strictly speaking, “glassing” means covering a hull with fiberglass fabric and resin. However, other fabrics having different characteristics are often used to cover boat hulls (people speak of “fiberglassing with Dynel”), so the first step is picking a fabric with the quality you need most. This could be maximum strength or minimum weight. Or, you might want a flexible, abrasion-resistant skin, or decking with a built-in nonskid surface. The fabrics that lead the field (many others have been tried) are fiberglass, Dynel, Vectra and canvas.

8 pages

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