Right Prop for Your Boat, The

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by Art Mikesell

There’s a good chance that you can get a boost in performance by switching props. To find out for sure, try this easy test

The sole function of a propeller is to turn power into push. With the right prop your boat will be a joy to operate, an agile, responsive rig running at top efficiency. Any other prop is a step in the wrong direction, because it won’t deliver all the push your engine can provide. Most boats today are running with props that do not quite match the requirements of the motor, hull and boat owner. When you buy a motor, you have to choose a prop on the basis of the motor manufacturer’s recommendations as listed on a prop selection chart. These recommendations are based on horsepower, boat length, gross load and intended use. They’re designed to prevent you from making a bad error in prop selection by limiting your choice to a comparatively small number of propellers.

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