Repairing Damage to Fiberglass

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There are millions of pleasure craft of all sizes and types in America. Most boats being built today are made of fiberglass, a marvelous material that has reduced the cost of production, permitting almost production-line methods without the need for expensive, and scarce, skilled craftsmen. Boats with fiberglass hulls also reduce the amount of maintenance work, but there is no material that is maintenance-free. Even fiberglass is heir to many ailments such as crazing-—small “alligator” cracks-—of the gel coat surface; fading and chalking colors under some conditions; cracks due to unusual stress; delamination due to poor construction; leaks around fittings due to improper fastening or crushing of the inner cellular core; separation of the deck from the hull; scratches, gouges, and punctures due to collisions. Here's how to fix these problems.

33 pages

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