Applying a Boat's Name

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(Painting, Gold Leafing and Carving a Name Board)

Applying the name to a new craft is one of a boat owner’s proudest moments. It allows an individual’s imagination or sense of humor free rein. But then comes the problem of applying the name to the craft’s transom, or on the topsides aft if the transom is occupied by twin outboards. If you have the confidence and skill to do the lettering yourself, you have more latitude in designihg the name and style. But for most people, the safest way to obtain the best results is to transfer letters which are available from a marine or art supply store. This, however, still demands some planning and design. There also are wooden, plastic or metallic letters that are applied with brass fasteners. But these often have a tendency to get broken and fall off. Here are several better ways to do this pleasant task.

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