Double Boats--Early Catamarans

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Dixon Kemp/A history of the Catamaran.

reprinted from "A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing" by Dixon Kemp

Double boats, in some form or the other, are met with all over the world, and the principle is adopted iwth the main object of acquiring great stability. But, although double boats may have in this way great stability, it must not be supposed that they are uncapsizable. they could be capsized by carrying a heavy press of canvas, or they might be thrown over by a sea, just as a lifeboat is sometimes. In a873, the late Mr. H. Melling, of Liverpool, had what he termed a savety yacht constructed on the double hull principle, as shown here, mainly with the object of using her on the shal wate rint he estuary of the Dee and Mersey. . . . In America a double boat was introduced in 1876 called a Catamaran. The boats were designed by Mr. N.G. Herreshoff and one is also shown below. The catamaran has two faults, namely it is slow in stays, and is prone to 'pitch pole,' or blow over endwise.

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