Huntsmen of the Sea

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/A brief history of whaling.

Within the memory of most of us there was a time when we sought some quiet spot at home to read, ndisturbed, a romance of the American whale-fisheries. The subject has charms that commend it to all young readers, since it comprehends at the same time both unting adventures and the wonders of the deep. We are not surprised, then, at the great number of writers for boys who have chosen this field for the scen e of their books. But we are srpised and regretful that none of them ever trusted in the riches it contains,a nd that they preferred to follow their own imaginations into the wildest impossibilities rather than to gather truths infinitely more interesting. . . . we think, the material gathered in the succeeding pages will prove of intenst interest. The historical part properly comes first. Some of the adventures will be told later on.

30 pages

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