Traditional Boats and Rigs of Holland, The

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H. Warington Smyth/An excellent overview of the history of the unique Dutch rig.

by H. Warington Smyth

reprinted from Mast and Sail in Europe and Asia

Europe owes to the Land of Dykes more than it generally cares to remember. Holland has been the schoolmistress of modern Europe. It first learned and taught the principles of modern government, and the true meaning of political and religious liberty; it has led the van in art, in agricultural science, in physical research, in modern finance. It has taught more conclusively than Phoenicia, Venice, Spain, or Portugal the true meaning of Sea Power, of over-sea colonisation. And of the nations of Europe the British have best learned from her what she had to teach. Her mantle has fallen upon our shoulders.  To no man is the greatness of our debt to the Dutch more forcibly brought home than to him who has widely used the sea, in whom something akin to reverence springs up as he roams, and finds everywhere about the globe the footprints of this steadfast sailor race. The very sea-terms in everyday use all across the seven seas, alike by Briton, Yankee, and every Northern race, were in the mouths of De Ruyter and Van Tromp.

32 pages

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