Traditional boats of the English West Coast, The

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H. Warington Smyth/An excellent overview of the history of the multifarious West Coast rig.

by H. Warington Smyth

reprinted from Mast and Sail in Europe and Asia

Though facing east, the bit of coastline between the Forelands is to the sailor rather a part of the Channel navigation than of the North Sea proper. It begins or ends nearly every Channel voyage; it is alive with the Channel traffic, and lives by the Channel trade, and its lights and shoals are known to every down-Channel seaman.Ramsgate, a tidal harbour of undeserved ill-repute with yachtsmen, is a trawling port of some importance, and like Lowestoft and Grimsby owes its rise to the hardy Devon men who came eastward with their boats and made their homes on the coast.

54 pages

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