Lathes and Lathe Work for Modelers

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CONTENTS--The type of lathe to purchase for model making—Setting up the lathe—Elementary lathe work—Wood turning—Grinding tools—KnurlingMetal spinning—Turning crankshafts—Screw cutting—Internal lathe work—Attachments for a model engineer 's lathe—A small lathe made portable by mounting it in a cabinet.

The lathe for model making or light experimental work need not be an expensive one. A complete outfit, comprising a practical lathe with a few tools and attachments for nearly all ordinary jobs, may be purchased for a couple of hundred bucks (check out Harbor Freight for great tool bargains), depending upon the equipment desired with it. Money so invested is well spent, for not only does the home lathe offer opportunities for developing a fascinating and edifying hobby, but it will also provide many a chance to turn an honest penny for its owner. The field to-day for mechanical toys, novelties, and working models is tremendous and the wise home mechanic will make his work lucrative to the extent of paying for his equipment and perhaps giving him a little surplus besides. And, in this connection, let it be said that there is probably no single tool in the entire shop that develops in its owner and user such a sense of affection as the lathe

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