Electro-Plating in Model Work

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CONTENTS--Explanation of the process—Description of a small plating outfit—Solutions used for the electro-deposition of copper, silver and nickel—Cleansing solutions for various metals—Polishing and finishing work.

The average amateur mechanic seems inclined to regard electro-plating as a very complicated and difficult process, involving the use of costly materials and apparatus. This is not the case, however, as the successful electro-deposition of copper, nickel and silver is a comparatively simple process, the practice of which easily comes within the resources and ability of the amateur. An electro-plating outfit should be included in the equipment of every workshop, and it is the purpose of the author to describe in the following lines the construction and manipulation of a small but practical outfit, which will enable the mechanic to properly plate and finish his machine or instrument parts.

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