Vamoose II--A Cruiser for Model Builders

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by H. B. Pickering

Complete design and instructions from which a smart forty-five-inch gasoline engined cruiser can be built.

The instructions and drawings which follow are entirely complete and no doubt many of these little boats will be built. In building this model the main thought was to keep to the drawings closely and at the same time produce a job which would be strong and substantial, following the same construction methods that would be used on the real boat. The result is a hull of great strength, with a total weight of slightly under five pounds, which permits a 5 to 7 pound allowance for motor, gas tank and equipment. The power used was a single cylinder gasoline motor of 11/8 inch bore by 13/16 inch stroke, air cooled, equipped with a regular carbureter, spark-plug and ignition coil.

16 pages, 4 plate(s)

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