Model Your Own Dream Boat

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by Weston Farmer

Dreaming of that boat that you hope to build some day? Then you can’t afford to pass this up. It shows you how to make certain that you’ll get the boat you want.

Boat-minded sportsmen usually have a “feel” for sweet curves and flowing lines. But they find it difficult to get these down on paper so that the boatbuilder may interpret what is wanted. Few laymen have the necessary professional skill to draw out a boat, calculate the weight, peg the proper waterline, and predetermine the performance. How, then, to get the boat you want out of dream stuff? How do you know how it will actually look and how it will perform? The method is easy. You model it. Anyone who can handle scissors and a tube of model-airplane cement can get, with the method I show here, a miniature of his boat which will show him how his dream ship is going to look and how it is going to perform.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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