17 Ft Motor Cruiser

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(For Inboard or Outboard Motor)
Economy of operation, all-weather seaworthiness and superior handling qualities are features of this 17-foot de luxe cabin cruiser. It is especially designed for small motors, with their low operating cost. Cruise all day for less than a dollar spent in gas; go, if you like, with this shallow-draft boat through many rivers and creeks and through shallow water where higher-powered cruisers could never navigate.  Special improvements have been developed to give this small cruiser a maximum speed with the low-power motors—6 m.p.h. with a 21/2-h.p. motor and as high as 10 m.p.h. with the 10-h.p. models, or almost the same speed with which a similar motor would drive a rowboat.  Such a degree of seaworthiness and stability has been incorporated in the boat that it is well adapted for fishing in any rough and unprotected waters—even for ocean use. For extended cruises it will accommodate two persons, or three if one sleeps in the cockpit. On short trips as many persons as can be crowded into it may be safely carried.  For ease of construction, this little cruiser compares more with an outboard runabout than with other cruisers. The over-all length is 17 feet, beam 6 feet 2½ inches. A dinghy is not necessary as this cruiser can be beached almost anywhere

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