Arpeggio--An Outboard Sedan

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by Charles M. Ungerbuehler

"Arpeggio" is nearly perfect for knocking about and cruising on the many lakes, rivers, and bays of our country. Incorporating most of the desirable features of both cruiser and runabout, she is a highly practical craft. Because "Arpeggio’s" usuable space is unobstructed by a conventional engine, she has as much room as a great deal larger craft of the inboard type.  Snug and comfortable cruising quarters for two are provided. No lavatory or galley are shown, but there is ample room under the berth tops for a stove and a small water closet if you desire to use the boat mainly for cruising.  While speed was not the prime consideration, "Arpeggio’s" performance will leave little to be desired. Powered with a 33-hp. Evinrude Speedifour, she’ll do better than 22 m.p.h. carrying two passengers and a full load of gas and equipment. The addition of two more passengers will reduce her top speed by approximately two m.p.h. She runs cleanly at all speeds and, if properly trimmed, won’t squat. There is no perceptible point at which she ceases to drive through the water and begins to plane; consequently there is no hump over which she must be pushed. This feature will be appreciated in rough water. Riding is soft, dry, and comfortable. It will take really bad weather to keep "Arpeggio" tied up in port.

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