Broncho, A Hand 29 foot Cruising Runabout

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Designed by William H. Hand, Jr.

BRONCHO, our latest Hand V-bottom creation, is a distinct novelty in modern boat building. This boat--while not intended for real serious cruising is provided with suitable berths and other essentials, so that should one desire to stay away from his home port for a night he can make himself and a friend or two quite comfortable on board without the necessity of looking up hotel accommodations. Broncho’s power plant has been selected with a view to reliable sustained speed and the motor specified will drive the boat at twenty miles per hour without undue effot. This boat will make one of the best balanced combinations that we know
of. The hull is particularly designed for fast work, and the motor will certainly do all that is expected of it. Anyone who builds a boat from these plans will certainly have a job to be proud of. The arrangement provides berths for two or three people forward under the deck. The motor is carried amidships, also inside the cabin. The gosoline tanks are distributed one each on either side of the motor and the smaller one aft under the stern deck. There is ample room under the cockpit floor for stowing miscellaneous gear and other essentials usually carried on small boats. This boat should make a wonderful outfit for its happy owner. The speed is exceptional and faster than the usual class of small runabouts. The additional features of sleeping accommodations will provide comfort for an occasional short cruise away from hotel life.


This is a husky runabout with exceptional seaworthy qualities and with the specified motor a speed better than twenty miles can be obtained. The large cockpit affords ample room for a party on day trips, and the arrangement forward provides accommodations for two for a weekend trip. For fishing, gunning trips and all round boating it is believed a craft of this type fills the bill.--WM. H. HAND, Jr.

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