Claire, A Hand 36 foot Express Cruiser

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Designed by Wm. H. Hand, Jr.

Our plans and specifications of Claire, the 36-foot Hand Express Cruiser presented herewith, are the last to be published in the present series. This boat for its length embodies all comforts and improvements to be found on a larger craft. The double cabin arrangement provides privacy for the party on board and at the same time affords ample accommodations. The lines and general appearance of this boat follow along the lines of other famous Hand V-bottom boats, and with the powerful motor specified should be able to give a very good account of herself. As a fast cruiser able to compete in any and all long distance races and competitions, Claire will be a hard one to beat. The seaworthiness of this type of boat has been amply proven. Many of these V-bottom cruisers have been out in weather and reports of poor behavior on the part of the boats still remain to be heard. On this particular design the sections have been so developed to give a maximum amount of speed and seaworthiness for the power installed. In addition the interior arrangement has been well laid out. Ample storage space forward, together with a roomy lavatory. A forward cabin with transom berths and clothes lockers and a sizeable galley with stove, sink, ice box and cupboard and locker space. The motor is in a compartment by itself under the bridge deck and is very accessible. Tanks, storage batteries and all mechanical items are also concentrated here. The after cabin is complete and contains a pair of transom berths with suitable lockers. It does not seem that the construction of this boat comes quite within the possibilities of the amateur builder. This boat is a big one and the amateur builders who can make a successful job of this size boat are few and far between. A properly equipped shop can turn this boat out in a short order, while the amateur builder would be required to spend month upon months of spare time on the job. The specifications which follow are unusually complete and require no further explanation.

12 pages, 5 plate(s)

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