Little Injun

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Easy to build, easy to handle, very fast, and extremely light are the terms that best describe this design. Construction is of ¼-in, waterproof fir plywood over stock one-by-three fir framing. The only power tools used were an electric drill and an electric sander—and even these weren’t necessary.  The boat is absolutely noncapsizable and nonsinkable. A watertight compartment forward acts as a flotation chamber. Even though Little Injun should heel over so the masthead touches the water, the cockpit will be entirely above the water and the boat, thanks to the 130 pounds of lead on the centerboard, will automatically right herself.  In light winds, she is extremely fast. In heavy winds, she’ll plane on her flat bottom in any position except close-hauled. Because of her inherent stability, she’ll scud along under full sail long after much larger boats have shortened sail or turned back to port.

8 pages, 3 plate(s)

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