Dolphin--A 24 ft Motor Sailer

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by William Jackson

"Dolphin" belongs to that class of small boats termed a motor sailer. Twentyfour feet over all is probably the minimum for an efficient motor sailer, but due to ample beam and depth "Dolphin" has accommodations equal to much larger craft. She will cruise three persons comfortably and four without crowding. Construction is adequate without being cumbersome—a unique cabin design adds strength and presents a trim, attractive deck plan. while considerable flare in the topsides not only promises greater reserve stability but insures a dry boat. Below the waterline she has an easy entrance and clean run resulting in an easily driven hull.  A distinct advantage of this type of boat is its performance under both sail and power. As good sailing is possible only about 40% of the time in many localities a motor will propel "Dolphin" at fair speeds despite the tides and foul weather If desired, the sailing rig may be omitted and the craft used as an all weather cruiser, or, if the pilot deck plan does not appeal, a conventional deck as indicated in alternate plan can be adopted.

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