Quad--A 4-Runner Ice Boat

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by J.J. Fanta

Those whose interest in building, a four-runner ice boat has kept apace with constant improvements, will find "Quad" just what they had wanted to build and sail.  "Quad" is the near-ultimate of its type, with increased efficiency throughout. Although not as tippy as other types, the four-runner craft hikes safely without throwing the design out of balance. The four-cornered hull prevents the sail’s tilting forward or backward, when heeling; while hiking is lessened by hull precision. Rigid truss-type runner-beams improve the steering functions of this 16’-9”-foot craft. Whereas resilient, springy runner-planks vary the runner adjustment by flexing, rigid runner beams maintain true steering alignment. Riding comfort is provided by mounting the four runners in balanced spring-action units. Steering is by remote control with a wheel in the cockpit operating another forward, which is connected to the rudder-runners with tie-rods. Spreading 75 square feet of sail, this is a single-seated craft for racing in Class E or Skeeter events. "Quad" is light and fast, weighing 290 pounds.

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