14' Sailing Dinghy and How to Build It, A

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(A full-keel "dinghy")

Reprinted from "The Boy's Own Book of Boats"

by D.F. McLachlan

Those boys who live on or near the sea-coast must have from time to time looked with delight at the numerous small handy sailing-yachts, which, steered by their owners, are constantly cruising about our firths and estuaries, and visiting the various watering-places and shipping towns round our British coasts.  Of late years small-boat sailing has secured a great hold among those who take an interest in yachting, and nothing has done more to effect this than the sailing dinghy, besides placing practical yachting within the reach of those whose limited incomes would otherwise have prevented them taking any interest in it.  A boat such as I am about to describe has all the advantages of the open boat, combined with the buoyancy and safety of the decked yacht. She will sail fast and tramp to windward like a one-rater, besides being about as handy a boat as anyone could wish for single-handed sailing; and for a coasting trip is far before an open boat or a canoe yawl.  Her length is 14 ft., and with a beam of 5 ft., which gives great stability, and a depth of 3 ft. 6 in., drawing about 2 ft. 6 in. of water, which allows her to enter most harbours even at low water.

23 pages

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