10' Sailing Skiff and How to Build It, A

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Reprinted from "The Boy's Own Paper"

by D.F. McLachlan

Boat-sailing, especially in the small classes, has of late become very popular, and nothing has done more towards this than the introduction of the small centreboard skiff. She is very light, and can be easily beached after every trip, thus doing away with the necessity of moorings, etc. Her light weight also makes her an ideal pulling boat.  This type of boat has now been in vogue for many years on the Clyde and west coast of Scotland, and its weatherly qualities are there well known. The great advantage of the skiff—as any Argylishire fisherman will tell you—lies in the fact that as long as a bit of a sail can be kept on them they will go to windward.  In designing a boat for readers of this handbook, this has all been thought out, and I think I car safely say that, with air-cases aboard, you have got as seaworthy and handy a boat of her size as it is possible to get.

24 pages

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