Silas a 15 ft Utility Skiff

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by J.A. Emmett

The very name implies strength and sterling old-fashioned qualities—all of which this design has. Larger and more strongly built than the usual skiff it is too heavy, of course, for car-top carrying but will make a fine outfit for general use and fishing, when its stiffness, ability, and roominess will be appreciated. "Silas" will row more easily than the average boat her size, and drive nicely , up to 6 or 8 miles an hour, with a 2 to 3½ h.p. outboard. The model and size is well suited to inboard power and with a small air or a water-cooled inboard motor will prove a very able outfit; or she will sail well if fitted with a centerboard. In all she’s a darn useful boat to build and have around whatever way you decide to power her—oars, outboard, inboard, or sail.

12 pages, 3 plate(s)

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