Tubby--A 17 ft Pontoon Boat

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by Peter Clarke

"Tubby", although not exactly beautiful to look at, represents a very useful and comfortable way of getting around on lakes and small sheltered coves. She was designed with the idea of producing a very simple-to-build craft that would give the maximum amount of deck space with the minimum expense. In spite of her ungainly appearance, with a four horsepower motor she can whip herself up to a fair and honest five miles an hour, and with over one hundred square feet of useful deck space available, there is ample room for swimming, diving, fishing, or even small parties. On one occasion, with the aid of a piece of tin on the fore deck, a very respectable weinie roast was held while slowly cruising along the lake. And the luxury of having a fishing party with three or four people fishing from deck chair.s was formerly reserved for those fortunate enough to own forty foot cruisers. But Tubby, though admittedly not as pretty, is every bit as much fun to own.

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