Reelfoot Boat-A Forward Rowing Boat from Tenn, The

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by George Laycock

At one time found only in Tennessee, this popular craft is presently utilized in almost every state in the country.

The "Reelfoot Boat"  is an unusual and highly efficient boat that grew out of a need. Reelfoot Lake in northwestern Tennessee is studded with cypress stumps. Because of these stumps, Reelfoot natives and visiting sportsmen need to see where they are rowing. This prompted the invention of a peculiar oar with a double elbow in the middle that enables a fisherman to pull his oars in the customary fashion but go forward instead of backward—a definite aid in missing stumps. But the Reelfoot boat, with or without the bow-facing oars, has a lot to recommend itself to the average guy. It is rugged and easily maneuvered and is easily equipped with a motor.

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