Little Fellow--A Midget Inboard Runabout for Kids

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This midget inboard has an outboard power plant.

by Robert Ruskauff

Got a little fellow who yearns to skipper his own craft? Then take a cue from Bob Brakensiek, a Californian who designed and built a pint-size inboard for his mne-year-old son. He was so successful that other dads went to work and now small salts as young as seven are veterans at the wheel.  Little Fellow is only 78 inches long, has a beam of 36 inches and weighs about 125 pounds. For power, Bob Brakensiek’s original model had a 71/2-hp engine which drove it along at 30 mph. However, it was later decided that a cutdown 5-hp Scott-Atwater outboard would be ample, giving a speed of 25 mp

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