Matey--An 8-Ft. Plywood Dinghy

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Light in weight but built for hard service; ideal as a tender or an all-purpose boat.

Anchoring a large boat off shore makes a good dinghy a “must” item as far as the average owner is concerned. While it’s true you can pull back and forth in almost any old tub, it’s a lot less work in a boat that’s designed for this work and she’ll also add to the appearance of the larger craft. "Matey" not only fills the bill on both these counts but she’ll also tote a surprising load of passengers and gear. When everyone’s on board, you won’t need any tackle to hoist her up on deck-—she’s light enough so that one man can do the trick. Under way, the little 'dink' tows easily on almost any length of line. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a day or two getting her in shape at fitting-out time. Because of the plywood planking, her hull is practically leakproof and with ordinary care should stay that way for many seasons. In fact, she’s the answer to a boat owner’s prayer. However, if you’re not in that league as yet, "Matey" still has a lot to offer. For one thing, the construction’s a cinch andyou can carry her to the nearest lake dr river on the roof of your car. Once there, it takes only a minute to put her in the water and enjoy a day of fishing or just plain fun afloat. And if you happen to have an outboard, you can hang it on her transom and go places at a good speed.

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