Stubby--A 10-Ft. Plywood Dinghy

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Ten feet of rugged, plywood dinghy with a lightweight V-bottom hull that can be rowed, sailed or driven by an outboard.

Here's a little boat that will appeal to almost everyone who spends his leisure time afloat. For the man who enjoys fishing, Stubby is light enough to carry on top of a car and her V-bottom makes rowing a pleasure instead of a chore. Because of her light weight and leakproof construction, she makes an ideal tender for a larger boat. By hanging a small outboard on the transom, the dink becomes a runabout with a good turn of speed and plenty of room to take someone along for the ride. And last but not the least of her good points is that with a centerboard, rudder and inboard rig she can be converted for sailing, with a particular appeal for the small fry or beginners at the sport. The construction of Stubby is simple and practically foolproof for the amateur builder.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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