Sturdy 9 ft Pram

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(For Oars, Sail or Outboard Motor) Developed years ago by seafaring Scandinavians, whose very lives depended upon the seaworthiness of their boats, prams have rendered valuable service as ship's dinghies and in countless other ways. In their modern form, embodying the numerous refinements that have been added from time to time, these sturdy little craft can be used successfully for purposes never dreamed of by the original designers. The pram is easily ad cheaply built or ordinary materials available anywhere. The completed boat will weigh from 75 to 100 pounds, depending upon the materials used. As a yacht dinghy, the pram tows better than any other type of boat, and will accomodate safely just about as many persons as can find room for their feet. It sails well, and may be easily rowed. Due to its light weight and generaous capacity, it makes a fine general-purpose hull for transporting on top of an automobile or by trailer. With a one to sixteen-horespower outboard, it can be used for trolling, or its speed can be stepped up to rival that of an outboard racing boat. Though only nine feet long, the pram, because of its broad beam and scow bow, is superior to the average fourteen-foot rowboat in roominess and seaworthiness.

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