Bouncing Betty--A Round-Bottom Lapstrake Pram

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Based on a successful boat built a few years ago by the well-known naval architect Sam Rabl, who needs no introduction, this pram is constructed of white oak, white cedar, and mahogany. It has a round bottom and lapstrake planking. Right here a lot of you will probably turn pale and gasp, “A round-bilge hull? That means steam-bent frames. I could never do it! That’s bunk! Any professional boatbuilder will tell you that a round-bottom boat is easier, quicker, and cheaper to build than one that has a V-bottom. The delusion of difficulty starts in the greenhorn’s mind with the words “steam-bent.” He conjures up a picture in his mind of a high-pressure boiler, a mess of piping, and a complex steambox. Nuts! These frames are not steamed at all, but boiled, which gives better results. All the apparatus you need is a length of old pipe, any kind. Plug one end with cement and prop the other up so the pipe forms a 30-degree angle with the ground; then build a scrapwood fire about the lower end. That’s all. Anybody who can boil an egg can boil a stick of wood.

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