Ring-A-Ding--A 7'9" Pram Dinghy

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by C.P. and E.D. Burgess

The 7’9” pram dinghy illustrated is a small but useful little boat: it can be fitted with an outboard motor, set up as a rowboat or rigged for sailing. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to make. If you’re a beginner at the boat building business, you could start with this design before tackling a more complicated plan. Although simple, it embodies many of the principles of boat building in wood. The design is worked in oak, mahogany and fir plywood, with spruce or fir for the mast-- if you wish to rig her for sailing. For the plywood, use Douglas Fir Exterior Grade A-A, which is intended for use where both sides of the panel are to be smooth and tight. Mahogany is used for the keel. The framing is in oak, while the seat risers and supports may be oak or mahogany.

17 pages, 11 plate(s)

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