Hot Foot--A Speedy Outboard V-Bottom Pram

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by Luther H. Tarbox, Naval Architect

For the chap who desires to build a high-performance, V-bottom outboard having nearly the simplicity of construction of a flat-bottom boat, "Hot Foot" will prove to be just what the doctor ordered. She will plan with moderate power, yet she is rugged enough to take a 25-hp motor. Powered with a hot motor, she could give some of the service outboard racing runabouts a run for their money. While she won't pound too much and will be reasonably dry in choppy water, she was not designed for open-water use. The construction of Hot Foot is fairly rugged. No attempt has been made to secure light weight at the expense of adequate hull strength, so she can be depended upon to give years of satisfaction. This cannot be said of many designs of her type and intended service. She can be planked with either waterproof plywood or conventional wood.

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