New Hope--An 8 Ft Weekend-Build Pram

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by Hal Kelly

Originally planned as a tender for a large boat, this little pram became a sailboat at the insistence of youngsters in the family. It has served both purposes welL Up to four people have been rowed ashore at once and even the slightest breeze carries the kids along under sail. We used less than three 4x8-foot sheets of quarter-inch exterior plywood for the planking, seats and gussets. The bottom was fiber-glassed for added protection in beaching. As a study of the drawings will show, a handyman in a hurry could finish most of the work in one week end. The jig is nothing more than two parallel 2x4’s, cross braced and leveled on blocks or sawhorses. The jig lumber needn’t go to waste, either, for there are many uses it can be put to around the house. We used white cedar for the framing but straight-grained fir would fill the bill, too.

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