Corky--A Simple Pram

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by Henry Clark

Anyone can make this simple pram for about $20 and from a single sheet of exterior plywood.

You can easily bend together this 8-ft. dinghy, or pram, from only one single panel of 4x8 plywood! This is cutting boat building to the bone, lumberwise and labor-wise, but nevertheless, you come up with a durable, stable, able and extremely light rig in which you can paddle out to your mooring, car-top to a favorite fishing spot, turn the kids loose in for frolic, or just plain build for the heck of it You will end up with a worthy boat, all 35 lbs. of her. Clamp a 3 hp. Lightwin Evinrude (or other small engine) on your transom, and this midget moves along at a good 12 mph clip, thanks to its flat bottom.

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