Hitch-Hiker--A Running Board Boat

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by Jack Beater

I'm just one of a vast number of poor but presumably honest folks who have felt the urge to own a boat but can’t follow the usual way to satisfy said urge. The reason probably lies in the fact that our bank accounts (if any) are entirely too slim-waisted to stand the strain of a twenty footer, or even a glorified skiff. As a consequence many thousand of us potential boat enthusiasts have been cornpelled to spend our holidays in the family car, inching through traffic jams, breathing exhaust gas, and eating picnic lunches beside a dusty highway. And don’t forget the flies. Since the free time at my disposal was limited and I was unable to use a boat regularly, it was essential that the hull be simple. There are no planks to steam or bend into graceful curves, and no seams to caulk, yet the result is a very snappy, trustworthy boat. A saw, a hammer, a plane, tin snips and a soldering copper are literally all the tools needed. While the boat is only 31/2 feet wide and 8 feet long its buoyancy is very much greater than a conventional row-boat or skiff of even larger size. This is due to the fact that its square, flat bottom displaces a maximum amount of water. Its draft with two persons is only 4 inches, and light it is less than 2 inches. The cockpit is roughly 3 by 5 feet which offers ample room for two people on short trips. Its small size and light weight make it easy to mount and carry on the running board of most any car.

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