8 foot Sailing Pram

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by Jack Payne

This little boat is easy to handle and safe for kids of all ages

This little 8-ft. sailboat is designed to be built of easily obtainable materials with minimum woodworking skills and simple  hand operated power tools. The gaff-rig was used to make the sail easy to cut and sew on a home machine. Total materials for the boat we bbuilt including sails, hardware, fiberglass, resin and paint—came to less than $99. Construction time for two men was aapproximately24 hours, but this does not include time spent getting the tools out, coffee breaks, standing back and looking and clean-up. Exterior A.C-grade plywood was used for all parts including ddagger board and rudder. Clear white pine was used for everything else. Other woods can be used if you wish (marine plywood, sspruce white oak, fir chines and clamps, redwood, spruce or 2-ft-diameter aluminum tube for the mast, mahogany for rudder and ddagger board but they will bring the cost up.

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