Aquapram--A simple little 8 ft. utility pram

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by Hal Kelly

A useful little boat that can be built in a single weekend and will give many hours of fun for the family

With cars, there’s a concept known as the BTV—the basic transportation vehicle. It’s a fairly self-explanatory idea. All you want is to go from here to there and back, usually not too far, not too expensively and at a pretty low initial cost. We’ve never heard of this concept transferred on a one-to-one basis to boating, but if it were, we’ve got one of the ones. We call her AquaPram and she’s basic transportation on the water. Eight ft. long and 5 ft. 4 in. wide, AquaPram weighs in at a hair over 100 lbs., which makes her just right for cartopping. This means you have no trouble getting her to the water in the first place.     And once there, her virtues begin to show. You can row her. You can put up to a 5-hp motor on her. You can even set her up to take asmall sail if you want. She’s excellent as a tender to a larger boat. Her stability is beyond compare, so there’s no problem of tippiness going from one craft to another. This stability also makes her an excellent swimmer’s or diver’s boat, since she’s almost impossible to turn over crawling in and out of. In fact, as a test, we put four people on her gunwale and she didn’t even ship water. She’s also good as a utility pram for outdoorsmen who might want to use her to shoot or fish from. With her 4-in, draft, she’ll go over all but the shallowest shallows, and is easily pulled up on any beach. She’ll take two men with all their fishing gear and still have room for lunch and beer. But in addition, she has a hidden virtue. She’s unsinkable. AquaPram has her outside sections filled with foam molded in place. Again, as a test, we put three people in her and pulled the plugs. She never even filled to the seats. Not built for speed but for safety and utility, she still hits 7 mph pushed by the 3.6 and carrying three people.

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