Teacup--A Basic-Basic Sailboat

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by M.M. Matthews

Only 91/2 feet long, this salty little pram is small enough for a 10-year old to handle easily, large enough for dad to enjoy. And it's an easy project even for the first-time boat builder.

Teacup is a design that gets right down to the basics. With almost 5 fet of beam, it's a stable sturdy craft that handles nicely, an ideal learner's boat. While not a hot boat, by any means, Teacup's performance has enough sparkle to make this a fun little day sailer for anyone. Construction is a blend of economy and simplicity. To simplify the two most difficult parts of hull building, Teacup has a pram nose instead of a curved bow and a dagger centerboard rather than the more complicated swing-up board. Even the sail plan is simple. If you've never tried your hand at boat building, Teacup is a perfect choice as a first project. Dimensions were planned to utilize 10-ft. sheets of plywood, available on special order from your lumber dealer. Naturally, 8-ft. sheets may also be used, but this will require butt joints in the planking.

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