Little Giant--A 9 foot Portable Pram

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by J.B. Temple

Combining the light-weight qualities of a small boat, and the strength of a larger boat, Little Giant was designed to meet exacting specifications. It is small enough to be transported on the top of a car, light enough so that two men can carry it over rough portages, sturdy enough to tow heavy loads safely, and strong enough to bounce off hidden snags. In general Little Giant is nine feet two and a quarter inches long and will rest with ease on a car top. It has a stubby bow which gives the seaworthieness of a boat several feet longer. When properly loaded, its modified vee bottom rises up on the waves like a duck and it will not dunk its nose or push water ahead of it. It has a wide beam of forty-six inches and the splay on the sides makes it seaworthy and comparatively dry in rough waters. It is a wonder with an outboard motor, as the shape of the bottom gives it a tendency to plane and hold its head up even at slow speeds. This boat is very easy and economical to build. The dimensions and bevels given in the accompanying plans are accurate as they have been checked and double checked from finished boats. Therefore, it is not necessary that you go through that bug-bear of boat construction in making full size layouts. If you can work accurately and frame to the dimensions and angles given, the parts will fit.

8 pages, 3 plate(s)

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