Kingfisher--A 9' Pram

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Originally developed separately by Scandinavian fishermen and Dutchmen hundreds of years ago for use upon rough open waters of the Old World, the pram reflects the qualities of these hardy seafarers, for it is exceptionally practical and useful under all conditions. This modernized version of the pram, which is here called the “Kingfisher,” is perhaps the most versatile craft that may be found. It rows easily, sails well, and propels nicely with small outboard motors. It weighs only 90-100 lbs. and therefore is easily handled and carried atop any auto for sport and adventure limited only by road maps. It is wide beamed and due to the commodious design its capacity is the equal of much larger boats. Casting or still fishing is easily accomplished standing upright in it. This pram will safely seat three persons. All construction details have been simplified to permit easy fabrication and material costs are easily within the reach of everyone.

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