Imada and How I Made Her, The

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(A Thames punt)

Reprinted from "The Boy's Own Paper."

by G.H. Bailey

The “Imada” is the name of my punt, with which I drift down the stream of life—which in my case is a very small trout stream, flowing slowly and silently through countless water meadows, eventually finding its way into the river Itchen at a spot just below Winchester.  There are many fellows living near such streams who cannot utilize them because the building of a small boat to them is a matter of great difficulty and expense; and it is for them that I here describe the building of a small flat-bottomed boat, which can be punted, paddled, or oared along, and which only draws an inch and a half of water.  From the instructions given it will be found easy to build; but, of course, great care must be taken in getting the measurements exact, and the seams well caulked to prevent leakage.

8 pages

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