Little Star--An All-Purpose Utility Dinghy

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by Sam Rabl

A really handsom little round-bilge lapstreak pram. Designed for a variety of uses, this eleven foot pram-type dinghy may be rowed, sailed, raced in the Moth class, or driven by an outboard engine. It is clinker built of white oak and mahogany, copper fastened throughout.

To facilitate construction level a strongback of 2” by 6” timbers twelve feet long on two saw horses. Make the moulds from 3/4" white pine as shown on the drawings. The joints in these can be made with Stanley corrugated fasteners to save the bother of battens and screws. Construct the transom from 7/8” mahogany to dimensions shown on the plan. No attempt to bevel this member to the lines is made as the cuts for the planking take care of this later. The motor pad is screwed and casein glued to the inside of the transom before erection. All screws that might eventually show above the stern seat are let in and covered with ½” mahogany plugs.

7 pages, 2 plate(s)

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