Shingle--An Auto Campers Boat

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by Arthur C. Klust and Ray F. Kuns

"Shingle” is a light but sturdy little rowboat which can be carried on top of the car on the hunting or fishing trip. The plans given here also show how to adapt the boat for use with an outboard motor.

The neat little tub shown in the photos was designed and built by Ray F. Kuns, an amateur at boat-building, but a veteran sportsman who has felt the need of a companionable small boat to carry along on his wanderings in the wildernesses. The marvelous success of the “Shingle” design is without doubt due to the fact that her builder worked with the idea of efficiency superseding elegance or beauty of line. The completed boat, as built by Mr. Kuns, weighs somewhat under one hundred pounds, and is easily carried on top of a car. She rides nicely, and two men find no difficulty in loading or launching her from this position. If she is hauled on a small trailer, one fellow can handle her alone. According to her designer,“Shingle” fairly eats rough water.

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

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