Handy Andy--A 10' Folding Boat

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Outdoor sportsmen encounter numerous waterways or adverse conditions where it is impossible to use the ordinary rigid boat or where its use is restricted, making it more of a liability than a convenience on a trip. The portable folding boat is not meant to dispense completely with the rigid boat, but to supplement its uses and to offer a ready means of water transportation where conventional type boats are excluded. Weighing only 80 lbs., simple and easy to construct, easily rowed or propelled with small outboard motors from 1 to 5 hp., this portable folding boat provides a lifetime of usage, under conditions unapproachable by conventional craft. The hull may be folded or unfolded in one minute’s time. It will stow away inside any auto, airplane, house trailer, or it may be packed under the arm and carried easily.

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

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