Snowboat--A Water/Snow/Ice/Air Boat

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by Joseph Adams

Powered by a 125-hp aircraft engine, this convertible summer and winter craft traverses water, ice or snow.

On water, this sleek airboat skims along at better than 35 mph. Attach the skis and she’ll easily do 60 mph over snow. She’s an all-year craft that’s even equipped with runners for zipping over ice. The engine is a four-cylinder, air-cooled aircraft type made by Lycoming for generator units which supply the power to start Air Force jet planes. It develops 125 hp at 2,600 rpm. Building the hull is not a difficult job. It’s basically a simple, flat-bottom scow. As for the metal parts, they consist of common stock which can be shaped in your own shop or a local shop where metalwork is done. A building form is necessary. This is simply two 16-foot lengths of 2x4-inch lumber, spaced 48 inches on centers.

20 pages, 2 plate(s)

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